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Benefits Of Staying In An Apartment In Lanzarote

Staying in a self-catered apartment gives you alot more flexibility than staying in a hotel, yet cheaper than staying in a rental villa on holiday. You’re not restricted to certain meal times so you can choose where to eat and when is the best for you. If you are a late riser and prefer to have a lie in you can or you can wake up and get out early – the choice is yours. You can come and go as you wish. With separate living and bedroom areas it also means that the adults can watch TV or socialise in the evening while the kids are asleep. You can also choose to eat as cheaply or extravagantly as you want. You’re also more likely to explore your surroundings and get to know the culture/background of the area you are staying in, rather than restricting yourselves to the activities in the hotel.

For some people, the thought of eating every meal in a busy hotel dining room with  other holidaymakers is the stuff of nightmares. Eating some of your holiday meals in a quiet, comfortable kitchen and enjoying the tranquility with only your friends and family, is very appealing to many.

Self-catering properties are usually a lot more spacious than hotel rooms which is perfect if you are travelling with a large family or group of friends. Most self-catered apartments also come with a large communal area/living space, which is great for socialising and getting together with everyone. Travelling on business and need a place to work? Many self-catering apartments come with a dining table for you to use as a desk and space to spread out rather than trying to cram all your papers/documents and laptop on to a small desk, dressing table or  having to go to the bar or restaurant to do work.

Travelling with young children or have family members with special dietary requirements? Staying in a self-catered apartment gives you the freedom to buy and cook whatever you want. You could even save time and pre order your groceries from your favourite supermarket before you leave home so they arrive at your apartment on the day you check in or you can bring food with you from home.

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